#Patty’sTop10 Collaborations of K-Artist

So, for this week’s post I chose my top 10 favorite collaborations among Korean artists. and their songs.

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Hidden Among The Mountains

Welcome to Dhio Endheka Spring Resort!


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Me & My Friends In Hanbok

One of the things listed on my bucket list is cleared. √




There are so many things to do when you’re in college and one of them is experiencing new things, just like me trying a Hanbok; which is Korea’s traditional dress. Every year our school has this event that show the friendship of South Korea and the Philippines. There would be photo booths and this is actually the first time that you can wear any types of Hanbok and have a photo. Our university actually has a lot of Korean students that is why they do activities like this. Also, there are actually quite a lot of K-pop fans in our school which are very active when there are programs and events happening.