She’s my sunshine in the middle of the night.

Well, sort of.

—-Chapter 1—-

We are invincible in this land of the unknown, 

while we are trying and striving,

the more we end up giving a frown, 

all we can do is nothing but mourn. 

—-Chapter 2—-

You can evolve into someone someday,

but if all you do is cry and pretend, 

you will be the same you all night and day.

So my advice to you, do it today. 



Becoming an adult.

I’ve been wanting to become an adult ever since i was a kid. I thought that being an adult is such a luxurious thing that a person can have. But as time pass by, I’ve started to have fears and doubts if adulthood is really something that a person can dream of.

It was okay, for me.

No exciting and outrageous experiences. No extraordinary moments, so far. Well, I’m just 21. I haven’t even traveled alone, I haven’t brought my parents to an out of town trip and I haven’t even dated anyone yet.

I think i’m in the process where millennials like me call it ‘adulting’. I’m in the process where we are exploring our passions, voicing out our thoughts, saying what we want and just trying to find our identities. Sometimes millennials are often considered as kids that think that they are entitled, brats or even kids with no dreams for themselves but the context that they put into us makes us feel entitled, entitled to be heard, to be respected as a human being and to be treated as equal as everyone else.

They stereotype millennials as reckless, but I guess recklessness combined with self-acceptance and respect can make a difference. People nowadays doesn’t want to be normal. They want to be unique and one of a kind. I guess, not everyone is open to that kind of concept but I guess all we can do is to guide people who are younger than us and respect people who are older than us. Every opinion matters. We experience different things in life. You may have experienced something that I haven’t so that itself makes you unique.

There is nothing wrong in asking for help or seeking for answers for your curiosity. I think we need to make decisions where you can justify your actions. We need to think carefully because every action is like a continuation of a new level in your life. We might destroy or strengthen our aspirations in life.

Don’t think that we are entitled to be accepted by everyone. Keep in mind, you cannot please everyone but as long as you know you are making something that is good for yourself without harming anyone. You can do it. Just believe in yourself.

Well, I guess that’s all for today. Till my next thoughts.

To be continued…

Movie: Sensei! (My Teacher)

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Title: My Teacher (English title) / Teacher! Is It Okay for Me to Love You? (literal title)

Romaji:  Sensei! Suki ni Natte mo Ii Desuka?

Japanese: 先生!好きになってもいいですか?

Cast: Ikuta Toma (Kosaku Ito)

Hirose Suzu ( Hibiki Shimada)

Plot: Hibiki Shimada ( Hirose Suzu) a sophomore student who fell in love with her history teacher, Kosaku Ito (Ikuta Toma). She had never fell in love before. Meanwhile, Kosaku Ito seemed cold but is actually warmhearted person.


My Review:

I actually like this kinds of stories, where a student falls in love with their teachers. I feel like this stories makes us think that falling in love doesn’t follow a rule. You can fall in love without a sign.

What I like about the movie is that it reminds me the innocence of first love. The shots was really beautiful especially the scene in the rooftop where Shimada is wearing a wedding dress and Ito-sensei is looking at her intently. ( well, I wouldn’t say much coz I don’t want to spoil the movie).

Aside from that, Ikuta Toma is a one good looking man. He is like the teacher that you want to see every single day at school and I won’t complain, ever.

Hirose Suzu on the other side, is such a beautiful woman. She flawlessly portrayed a high school student. Her eyes looks so innocently in love every time she has a scene with Ikuta Toma which makes you love the chemistry between the lead actors. I totally love them both.