Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everyone! 안녕하세요! こんにちは! Kamusta kayong lahat!

I am Patty. I am a Filipino living in the Philippines.

A few months ago I was literally staying at home, unemployed, but luckily I got a job in Manila where i’m currently staying during weekdays and every Friday I go back to my hometown and spend weekends there.

So, this blog, is a ‘random personal blog’ as i call it. I put everything that I like in here, whether it’s a random quote, video, fangirling, anything random in my life. Well, sounds boring but hopefully you can enjoy my posts and lovelots!


Think Happy Thoughts

This week was like a roller coaster ride, scary. Just like how upsetting a bad day could be, well I think I’m having a bad week. I’m like crying for three consecutive days. Physically and mentally draining but still trying harder to be optimistic about life, be positive, but what scares me is that what if all of this positivity will turn into a snowball of sadness and anger and everything in between? Continue reading “Think Happy Thoughts”

My Dream Self in 10 Years

As I was alone again at home, I had this situation where I am being interviewed for a job, so I was rehearsing my lines and everything. As I was practicing, talking to myself, being asked by my self on the possible questions in an interview. The most generic question, I think would be Continue reading “My Dream Self in 10 Years”