Just out today and already killin it.

I’ve been a fan of BLACKPINK since their debut (actually even before there debut) I’ve been a fan of YGFam from their seniors like BigBang, 2ne1, Winner, IKON, AKMU, LeeHi and even SECHKIES. I think YG Entertainment has their own unique color and charisma that is undeniably addicting that will keep you from loving their artists.

It’s almost a year since the group released track and with DDU DU DDU DU as a title track for their mini album I’m pretty confident sayng that the song are really addicting and makes people hooked with the song for the second they listen to it.

They released a mini album consisting of four songs. DDU DU DDU DU as the title track, Forever Young, Really and See U Later.

I personally like Really. It has a very smooth tempo and tone and i actually like those kinds of songs. DDU DU DDU DU is sooooo goood that you feel like dancing even I don’t even know the dance. Forever Young and see u later is also good to listen to.

So for this mini album the four songs were all have their different and unique kind of music which goes well together. I’m not knowledgeable with music or anything about it so I’m just speaking as a person who likes music.

I also love the fact that their voices are noticeably different and suits really well with each other. Their distinct voices during their parts perfectly fits the song specially Lisa’s rap in English! Goshhh! How can she be that good.

I like the part that the songs says that you have your own personality as a woman. Women can also be tough in love not as the typical soft and weak. Well, I could at least say that BLACKPINK indeed showed once again the girl power.

It hasn’t been 24 hours but the music video has 10 million views. Great job girls! Hopefully the support for our girls will continue. Let’s support our girls!


Movie: Sensei! (My Teacher)

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Title: My Teacher (English title) / Teacher! Is It Okay for Me to Love You? (literal title)

Romaji:  Sensei! Suki ni Natte mo Ii Desuka?

Japanese: 先生!好きになってもいいですか?

Cast: Ikuta Toma (Kosaku Ito)

Hirose Suzu ( Hibiki Shimada)

Plot: Hibiki Shimada ( Hirose Suzu) a sophomore student who fell in love with her history teacher, Kosaku Ito (Ikuta Toma). She had never fell in love before. Meanwhile, Kosaku Ito seemed cold but is actually warmhearted person.


My Review:

I actually like this kinds of stories, where a student falls in love with their teachers. I feel like this stories makes us think that falling in love doesn’t follow a rule. You can fall in love without a sign.

What I like about the movie is that it reminds me the innocence of first love. The shots was really beautiful especially the scene in the rooftop where Shimada is wearing a wedding dress and Ito-sensei is looking at her intently. ( well, I wouldn’t say much coz I don’t want to spoil the movie).

Aside from that, Ikuta Toma is a one good looking man. He is like the teacher that you want to see every single day at school and I won’t complain, ever.

Hirose Suzu on the other side, is such a beautiful woman. She flawlessly portrayed a high school student. Her eyes looks so innocently in love every time she has a scene with Ikuta Toma which makes you love the chemistry between the lead actors. I totally love them both.

Personal 1

Every now and then, I get this feeling of loneliness. I just can’t escape from this cycle. I had a lot in mind, plans for the future, my dreams and aspirations as an artist. They said that young people tend  to forget the limitations and all we think about is the possibility but it’s definitely wrong (in my opinion only). I tend too see my age as a limitation, it’s like i’m a bubble, not inside a bubble but actually a bubble. I can go anywhere, be whatever shape but the time will come that I will just suddenly pop and be forgotten. I know, you might think that I’m being serious about that idea and that I should get over it but I just can’t. I just can’t, for now maybe?

I’ve been reflecting on my self and I realized that as I grew older I’m becoming more aware of the future and just the thought of the future scares me. The ‘unknown future’ it’s like not knowing when to stop or start something. I feel like i’m lost and nowhere to be found.

I’ve been like this since I graduated college, so i’m guessing that I need a lot of time to fully adjust myself to the new environment.

As I remember, there’s also an issue with myself. I am doubting myself too much. I know that I should think about myself and everything but it just doesn’t seem right. I always think that in everything I do, I will definitely fail or i can’t do that. It’s so frustrating and at the same time a worry for me. Hopefully, I can get through this with God’s help. 🙏




Its been a month since I started my training in a Korean Company teaching English online. It was a mixture of unexpected happening in my life.

First of all, I never in my life have I ever imagine to teach English for the reason that I am not that good in English.

Second, I didn’t expect to got hired on the spot. I just didn’t expect anything for me not to be disappointed.

and lastly, this is like something that happened to me in a snap of a finger.

I was blessed to have a job with people who are easy to work with.

Of course, there will always be something that will always worry me. I am such a worrier.

So the first day of training was on a Friday. So, I didn’t know what to do and I was really nervous at that time. Gosh! When I met new people I am truly blessed because I met new frinds, Kat and Fairy. And luckily, Fairy is a YG Stan another Kpop fan! She saw my pin on my bag with Kai of EXOs picture on it asking me if I was also a Kai stan and that changed everything. I got comfortable chatting with them and had fun being with them at lunch and break times.

But sadly, we only had a week to be together because they are on a different schedule to mine. My shift is from 5 am to 2 pm and their shift is from 2 pm to 11 pm. So the schedules conflict but we still keep our friendships and I always go to them to check on them and ask them about their classes.

I am really happy to meet new people and become friends with them.

Meanwhile, the regular employees of the company is easy to talk to. Sometimes I am really uneasy and shy towards them because I really don’t know how to talk to them.

The good thing is that they are friendly and gives suggestions to improve my work and they also say good things to us.

Its been a month now.

I’ve learn a lot of things.

Just like what on of my QAs said, “It’s different out here.”

I just realized that, yes, I am now in a different world.

I can’t go back anymore. This is it and I just have to enjoy every moment.