About The Blogger

Hello! Annyeong! Kamusta?

HI! I’m Patty, 20 years old from somewhere in the Philippines. I’m a fresh grad and currently looking for a job that suits me and the course I’ve finished. Hopefully, I can finally work and experience a lot of things in the field I will enter. It’s like this is gonna be a new beginning of the so-called, “real world outside the university”. A bit of excited and worried about a lot of things but I know God has perfect plan for me.

Well, i’m currently planning on having this blogging thing work for me because i really don’t know how to express everything in my mind without bothering others. And I also want to just have my own world for now and I think that blogging would be a great start to at least be someone that no one knows.

Honestly, I don’t know if anyone would be able to read this but I hope that there would be some people who can read my blog post because I really want to talk to different kinds of people especially people that I don’t know.

I’m actually a frustrated artist I’m not good in academics and sports i think i’m just average but I think that i’m really artistic in a way, I don’t know why but I really have this kind of love for art.

I love Korean music and culture and any types of music it can be foreign or original pinoy music and also writings and movies. You know what I really have this dream of becoming a writer and movie director, it just sounded so fun and exciting for me. I really wish that I could at least attend workshops for movie making and also photography even though I don’t have equipment.

I’m also into writing stories, fictional and also romance comedy like that kind of genre.

Singing, I also love singing and dancing. I don’t want to sound bragging about my talent but I know that i’m kinda good in singing and in dancing. HAHAHA! Well, i’m just being proud because at least I have a talent.

I’m a born again Christian and I love God. I know that I’m not perfect but i’m really trying to be a good follower of God. My goal is to finish reading the bible and also be in our church’s choir but i always don’t have confidence in auditioning, i don’t know. *sigh*

About the posts that I will put here it will be about: Kpop, Life, Love, God and anything about being a teenager to being an adult because in just 5 months I will be 21 years old already. My gosh I feel so old now, joke just kidding! Hahaha!

Well, I’m entering the world of adulthood now. It’s kinda scary and exciting at the same time, scary because i’m not a kid anymore everyone is expecting you to be mature and responsible, and also exciting because there would be a bigger world waiting for me to discover it. Hah!

Well, I hope to have more cute posts here and i’m gonna be big someday!




7 thoughts on “About The Blogger

  1. Oh my goodness, girl! *sniffles* You’re like *sniffles* so similar to me in a way!! Ahhh~ *fangirls*
    I also am trying to KPOP blog now because I feel like my friends can’t handle my kpop obsession, which I need to let out somewhere. I’m also Christian and I also want to talk to different people!!! I’m so happy to have found you~
    The only different thing is that I live in the United States, and I’m 16 in American age. (I’ll enter adulthood about 1 year and 4 months later.) πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t really have one, but I guess right now I like got7 the most because they’re promoting and all now xD
        What about you?


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