Trip to Ilocos Province!

So, this is the first time I’m uploading a video of myself and my college friends in my blog. This is actually a school project for our Interpersonal Communication subject in college. It was my friend who edited this video.

The video is in Filipino language so I’m sorry in advance, I haven’t put any English translation in it.

The video is a bit long because it’s a documentation film. Hope you’ll enjoy and visit the Philippines.

This is one of the most memorable school activity that I have joined in. We got to visit places I’ve only seen on TV or on the internet, it also fascinating how unreal it felt when I was actually visiting the place. It was my first time to have a tour with my friends, it’s a rare and happy occasion for me. But I was also a bit sad because it was my mother’s birthday when I had to leave for the tour to Ilocos, but I still greeted her through a text message wishing her a happy birthday. It was 10-hour bus trip, it was a long drive but I still enjoyed it.

So, I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of the Philippines. Sorry for the shaky camera angles and my face. Hahahah!


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