Featured Music Video: June

Music Video for the Month of June


The Featured Music Video for the month of June was … *drumroll* I Smile of Day6.

Day6 is a South Korean rock band formed by JYP Entertainment, known for producing Kpop groups like Got7, Twice, WonderGirls, 2PM and 2AM.

The band consists of five members:  Jae (lead guitarist, vocalist, rapper), Sungjin (leader, main vocalist, rhythm guitarist), Young K (bassist, vocalist, rapper), Wonpil (synthesizer, keyboardist, vocalist) and Dowoon (drummer).

I chose this song because it is just sooo good, and that’t also something i really like about Day6, even though you’re an international fan, you can have a connection through the emotions they put in their music. They do their own music and that’s a plus point in choosing bands.

They’re voices are really good, it sounds so nice. They’re voices have different ranges and sounds good together, they are very professional when it comes to work and they are very talented musicians. And they are all good looking south korean guys!

Many think that Kpop fans just like K-Pop music because of good looking or should I say super good looking members of group but I will say that it’s just more than that. K-Pop artists are really passionate about being an idol. Passing an audition is not the ticket to becoming a popular artist in Korea. They have to train for years just to debut and become idols.

Sungjin is my Ultimate Bias in Day6, the leader and the self-proclaimed dancing machine of the group. Haahahahah!

You can also check out their other songs;

  • I Wait
  • How Can I Say
  • I’m Serious
  • You Were Pretty

And the fun part for the fans is that every month they will release singles, Every Day 6 July they released Hi Hello and Be Lazy.

Hope you check out Day6 and their beautiful songs that are worth it to listen to.

Hope you’ll become a MyDay (Day6 Fandom name), someday.


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