Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everyone! 안녕하세요! こんにちは! Kamusta kayong lahat!

I am Patty, actually my real name is Shaira but online I use Patty, nickname kumbaga.  You can actually call me either of the two. I am a Filipino obviously living in the Philippines. A few months ago I was literally staying at home, unemployed, but luckily I got a job in Manila where i’m currently staying during weekdays and every Friday I go back to my hometown and spend weekdays there. So my blog updates will be on weekends because we don’t internet connection in our apartment and usually I don’t carry computer with me every day so I’ll just update when I’m at home, just like now.

So, this blog, is a ‘random personal blog’ as i call it. I put everything that I like in here, whether it’s a random quote, video, fangirling, anything random in  y life. Well, sounds boring but hopefully you can enjoy my posts and lovelots!



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