Tears, Karaoke and Dogs

It’s been a rough week but 3 things left a memorable mark on my head. Tears, Karaoke and Dogs.

Tears are somehow my way of feeling better when I’m loosing confidence within myself. Even though sometimes I can;t stop my tears from falling it somehow soothes my feelings and eases the pain I feel.

My friends and I actually went to a karaoke house to sing our hearts out, and my advice, this is one of the best stress-relieve that I highly recommend. If your feeling down, happy, or anything in between, singing your heart out like no is watching is the best remedy. Songs are like great medicine for both mind and heart. So why not, try? Right?

Dogs are like one of the cutest and lovable animal in the world. Just by looking at my dogs, I feel comforted and loved by them. How cute they look when they see you from a far and started wagging their tails as if they saw a bone walking. Hahahaah!

These three things left remarkable impression for these week.


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