Blog Activities

Every month there will be some changes in my blog:

° Music Video of the Month

I will post my chosen Music Video every first Saturday of the week.  Mostly it will be Korean Songs, pop or indie or anything that I really liked during that month.

° Song of the Week

Every week I will choose a song that is on my jam for the whole week. i am also open for suggestions for me to explore a lot in music.

° OPM of the Month

Obviously, I am a Filipino so I also wanted to promote Original Filipino Music not just to Filipinos but also to a larger audience.

° Vlogs

I’m not 100% sure that I can post vlogs every month because i’m still learning a lot in video editing, so, i’ll do my best. My vlogs could be travel, dance cover, song cover or me just doing unexpected stuffs, I don’t know.  You can suggest anything, that’s safe. Hahahahah!

° Short Stories

This is also one of the reasons why I started blogging, to share the stories I’ve experienced or others experienced and turn it into poetry or any form of art.

° Artwork

As a frustrated artist, i really want to pursue this dream of mine since I was a kid.


Note: I’m not a hundred percent sure if I will be able to post all of this every single month but I will try my best. I already have a job so I am a little bit busy and also the place i’m staying doesn’t have internet (sadly) so at least I will try every weekend for the updates. Thanks!


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