My Dream Self in 10 Years

As I was alone again at home, I had this situation where I am being interviewed for a job, so I was rehearsing my lines and everything. As I was practicing, talking to myself, being asked by my self on the possible questions in an interview. The most generic question, I think would be “how do you see yourself 10 years from now?” as I was thinking I realized I should be honest in this type of situation so I answered, “10 years from now I’ve become an author or writer.”

Since I was a little kid I’ve always liked making up stories and characters, people in my head. I can still the very first story I have written was the ‘The Prince, the Rabbit and the Ring’. I wrote that story and read it to my mom and my mom liked it very much and said to me that I am, ‘very good’ being a little kid and being told by my mom the very good phrase is such a precious thing for me. I felt touched whenever my parents appreciate the talent that I have, from then on, I decided to become a writer.

To write stories that will make people happy and make them read more. But as time goes by, as I grew older I had many dreams and my dream of becoming a writer slowly fades and there was the time that I actually forgot about that dream. I wanted to be a fashion designer, painter, singer and so much more that I forgot that once I dreamt of becoming a writer.

It was a lost dream, I could say. Maybe it was really in me that that dream of mine once again visited my sleeping heart for writing. Once again I found the eagerness to write through a website named WATTPAD, some of you might be familiar with it. Wattpad is a website where you can publish and make your own stories using your own name and book cover. You can also read stories published by other online writers, choose what kind of genre you like.

Every time I watch movies or dramas online I wanted another version of it, another way it could be portrayed by the actors or another story line. That was the moment that my dream of becoming a writer open up again in my heart. It was like searching for you first love. Some says that your first love will never be your one true love  but I’ll prove that wrong. I believe I will be able to publish my own book and create my own masterpiece.

Writing is my innocent first love.

I am praying that 10 years from now as I re-read my post here in my blog I would be able to say to my 30 years old self that ‘you proved them wrong, you did it!’. 



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