Hidden Among The Mountains

Welcome to Dhio Endheka Spring Resort!


This is actually my second time in a spring resort in Bicol,  we usually go to the beach that is actually near to our house, it’s just a walking distance.


This is the entrance of the spring resort where you will have to take 130+ steps which is unofficial ’cause I think it’s more than that, to get to your cottage or villa. The spring resort is actually on the edge of a mountain facing another mountain, which I think is really cool ’cause I love being in nature friendly places.


This is the old swimming pool that has a ship right in the middle of the pool. You can take pictures on it and that ship is actually big.






Also, even though there are many people at that time it wasn’t actually crowded which is I personally like, I really hate it when there are too many people and I feel suffocated that I can’t even fully enjoy the time because there are too many people around.



The spring resort has 5 pools in total that are chlorine free because the water came from the mountains, obviously it’s a spring resort. It has a wide space and clean environment.


What I actually love about the resort is that the place is really peaceful, space is really huge and it’s somehow, i don’t know but it kinda feel homey for me. I really like how homey the ambiance is and the water is so cold, that my whole body actually shivered for almost 5 minutes but still enjoyed it.

And also, it is budget & eco-friendly which I think is one of the important things when travelling or going on a trip.

What: Dhio Endheka Spring Resort

Where: Crossing Mayon Buang, Tabaco City Albay,  Bicol

How much?: Entrance fee: 70 Pesos (daytime)

  Cottage Fee: 750 Pesos

Hope you’ll check it out!



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