A Unique Night Owl

I am a morning person,

or should I say I am a dawn-type of person. I don’t usually sleep early and wake up 6 am the next day feeling energetic and complete because I got more than 8 hours of sleep.

I am a weird type of person that will stay up all night just to look at the skies full of stars and feel calm and relax for no exact reason. I just like being awake at 3 o’clock in the morning and doing the stuffs I like to do. I love staying up all night just like how much I love sleeping anytime, anywhere.

I really do have an unusual habit of writing my stories or plots at dawn. My mind would constantly roll for me to be able to conceptualize my story, not having anything to interrupt me in what I do.

I love how calm and relax I become every 3 am.


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