A Day in Sky Ranch Tagaytay, Cavite.


This photo was taken by my sister when we went to Sky Ranch Tagaytay to spend quality time with our family. Usually we don’t go out too much, we go to church on Sundays, if we have time we go to the mall and eat, basically that would be our family time. Planning a vacation doesn’t actually work for us, it’s either there would be an emergency, conflict with their schedules or my parents are not just in the mood to travel. I do love travelling especially places that are nature friendly and calls for adventure. I also love taking picture of the places I go to.

 For the clothes I wear, even though I have bigger body type I really like baggy clothes or sizes that are one size bigger than me they’re comfortable to wear especially when I go out, so less hassle. But when we travel for days I usually doesn’t know how to pack light cause I really have a lot of things especially shirts to wear.

For this look, I wore a skinned-tone shirt topped with olive green sweater and maong jacket,  a navy blue maong pants, and white rubber shoes.



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