Death On My Dreams

Have you had a dream about people dying?

Well, for the past week I’ve been dreaming about people dying that I don’t personally know. The first one was actually a man, it was I think a road accident.

The man was laying on the ground while people are looking and I saw blood in his head it was a chaos because of the road block and traffic caused by the accident and then after that I saw a woman (but I’m not sure if she was pregnant or something) also laying on the ground not far from where the first guy was and the woman actually turned her head towards my direction, it was quite scary.

The last one was just this morning, I was watching news with some friends and family when the reporter played a video of a murder scene and it was just at the back of our house. It was a different house in where I live right now but in my dream it was our house. The body was discarded in the lot right next to our property. In my dream, our house doesn’t have gates or fences which actually scared me that I thought I got into a investigative action movies. The victim was also a woman I think in her 20’s.

After that I became really curious about the meaning behind my dream, I found out that dreams about deaths could possibly mean a lot of things. It could mean that a stage in your life has come to an end and something new is beginning, overcoming a bad habit or behavior. May represent the end of a relationship or even something about your personality could change.

Dreams are interesting things that can happen to a person. I am fascinated by how dreams could be as realistic as reality. It feels like it’s really happening it just that it is in another time and space. It was me, in that dream but I’m not.


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