My Dream Self in 10 Years

As I was alone again at home, I had this situation where I am being interviewed for a job, so I was rehearsing my lines and everything. As I was practicing, talking to myself, being asked by my self on the possible questions in an interview. The most generic question, I think would be Continue reading “My Dream Self in 10 Years”


A Unique Night Owl

I am a morning person,

or should I say I am a dawn-type of person. I don’t usually sleep early and wake up 6 am the next day feeling energetic and complete because I got more than 8 hours of sleep. Continue reading “A Unique Night Owl”


1 month and 18 days. Its been exactly 49 days since I labeled myself as unemployed. Before even graduating I’ve been thinking about how is to live like an unemployed person. Currently not having any labels, not a student, not a teenager anymore. People always ask me, “Di ka pa nakakahanap ng trabaho?”. I understand them, but then again I don’t tend to feel intimidated or sometimes pressured, but Continue reading “Unemployed”

Me & My Friends In Hanbok

One of the things listed on my bucket list is cleared. √




There are so many things to do when you’re in college and one of them is experiencing new things, just like me trying a Hanbok; which is Korea’s traditional dress. Every year our school has this event that show the friendship of South Korea and the Philippines. There would be photo booths and this is actually the first time that you can wear any types of Hanbok and have a photo. Our university actually has a lot of Korean students that is why they do activities like this. Also, there are actually quite a lot of K-pop fans in our school which are very active when there are programs and events happening.