Music Should Be Felt

People always say things like, ‘You can’t even understand that song’ or ‘Do you even understand korean?’  

but for me, music is something that should be felt, a feeling that is contagious. I believe that music chooses people, not everyone likes the same kind of music but have different kinds of genres that they’re interested in. It’s not you that decides that you like this certain kind of music but the sparkly feeling you felt when you hear the song for the first time and somehow feels weird but at the same time happy.

Music helped me a lot. I was in fifth grade when we had an audition for singing, I can still remember the song I sang for the auditions, Catch Me by Toni Gonzaga. I really love her that’s why I decided to sing that song, the teachers said that I have a nice voice,also asking if I attend voice lessons and in our sixth grade we need to sing for the music class and after singing, my classmates and friends told me that I have a good voice.

At that time, I said to myself I am also special. I do have a special voice that was complimented by others, something that gave me confidence in myself and the ability I have. I am always teased by my classmates for being fat, I know their just teasing me but somehow, deep inside me I always felt hurt by their harsh comments about my weight and how I look and I always thinks that I have music, at least I have talent to sing.

Music console not only the heart and mind but also the soul. If you listen to the song that wants you, you will feel that sparkly feeling. It doesn’t matter what language as long as it’s the music for you.


( Listening: Palette by IU )


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