Music Should Be Felt

People always say things like, 'You can't even understand that song' or 'Do you even understand korean?'   but for me, music is something that should be felt, a feeling that is contagious. I believe that music chooses people, not everyone likes the same kind of music but have different kinds of genres that they're interested … Continue reading Music Should Be Felt


We’re Like Strangers

We're like strangers in paradise, being both lost in wonderland. A beautiful person like you, I cannot hide the feelings i have for you. We could be lovers but ended up as strangers. I took the risk but you left, maybe you are right. We cannot be more than friends, just strangers. -dreamcatcherpatty

I’m Fading

I just felt like I'm slowly fading away, in here. Music is what I long for, i cannot hear. Love as old as time,I who came from the star. I'm slowly dying, I don't know where to start. This could be the end. Goodbye, my precious love. -patty