Just Got 20!

Maligayang kaarawan sa akin! Happy Birthday to me! Well, a few days ago to be exact. I haven’t updated my blog because we went to our province for a vacation and also to celebrate All Soul’s Day and to also visit my brother’s grave, it’s been a tradition not only in our family but also to a lot of Filipinos to visit as a respect for those who already passed away. It’s like recalling you love ones memories and not forgetting them. My birthday celebration is just simple but i was really happy because my whole was there celebrating with me, the food were all my favorites and simple as possible. My birthday sometimes is just a simple day for me, nothing to expect and i just don’t like to expect anything it might just hurt me but I was really surprised that they all went home with food and cakes for me so I was really happy about that. The greetings online was also heartwarming, my friends and relatives greeted me and wished me a happy birthday. I appreciate simple yet sincere greetings from them. I also got greetings from my friends that i haven’t talked to for a while now and i was really happy that they remembered a special day to me.

I haven’t thought about anything, me getting a year older, getting more responsibilities in life. It’s overwhelming to know that you’re not a kid anymore, your life is getting more complicated. Me, realizing that i’m not the 19 year old me anymore maybe right now i haven’t notice anything but there will come a time that i will know that something in me has changed and that’s what actually excites me. The future me. I want to explore the world with no expectations at all because every time i expect something, disappointment comes next. I just want to live the way I want to and also to get to know myself more. I want to explore a lot of things like arts, music or culture, I want to live far away from the stereotypes. I don’t want the normal i love the extraordinary to experience the uniqueness of life. I don’t want to wake up everyday being exhausted doing the same things over and over again. I want to explore life at its best potential.

I know one day I will get to read this post that i have made and i wish when that time will come I will smile while reading this and saying to myself, Good Job.


God Bless!