Why Love Is A Big Deal?

I’m always thinking, why does teenagers are so fascinated about having relationships at a young age. I don’t know I just don’t get it, yes it so good to be in love but to the point of hurting yourself or not paying attention to your future just because your focusing too much on love? I just don’t get it. Diba? Ang Love inaantay hindi hinahabol. Kapag hindi naman na tama wag nang magpumilit. Minsan kasi nakakasakit na ng iba tas go parin kasi gusto mo? Ano yun, kapag nasaktan naman ngangawa ngawa na parang di sinabihan. Minsan masyadong fixated yung mindset ng mga kabataan sa idea ng love. Which is having relationship at a young is not bad but the mere fact that you tend to lose yourself because of love is not acceptable at all. When you love others, you should love yourself first. Be complete as a person and don’t let anyone come into your life and complete you coz it will definitely won’t work at all. Don’t depend your happiness to someone coz when the time comes that you both realize the two of you are not meant for each other, that’s where problems comes out.


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