In my opinion, everyone of us is afraid of something. Heights, frogs, water or some of us are even afraid of dying. Each in every person has their own personal fear. Just like me, I have so many fears in life. I’m afraid of heights and cockroaches flying cockroaches to be exact but as I grow older I realized some fears that I have while i’m getting older. That is the fear of losing a friend, lately I’ve been thinking of things i don’t want to happen. And something cross my mind or maybe i should just say that someone crossed my mind. She was a friend of mine, it’s been years since we became friends but as the time goes by i felt that she is becoming a person i don’t recognize anymore. And that’s what scares me the most, that one day we will just become total strangers. I even cried last night because I remember her, she just suddenly popped out of my mind and realized i’m afraid to loose a friend like her. I don’t know if she’ll read this or see this post but, i am hoping that one day  i will have the courage to voice this out to her. I am not a good person but when i become a friend i am a true friend.


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