Happy Birthday To Our Krystal!

Happy Birthday Krystal!


Happy Birthday to our one and only Soojung-ah! Saranghaeyo!

Krystal Jung is actually the reason why I became a full pledge kpop fan. I know it sounds funny but its true. I have been browsing videos on youtube and then I saw Krystal on Dream Team in 2010 with her sister Jessica (former SNSD member) and MinHo (SHINee) and I totally just fell in love with her. She is very athletic and also very charming. She really caught my attention on that video so I started to browse for more videos of her and that’s when I discovered that she is a member of a girl group in SM Entertinment, F(x). She is really pretty in their music videos and also good in speaking in english. The first MV that i have watched is the Pinocchio (Danger). I really loved her and also her unique voice and also loved her co-members, Amber, Victoria, Luna and Sulli(former member). At that time, I don’t have any friends that likes kpop so i didn’t have anyone to talk to about kpop but thankfully, when I got into college one of my friends is also a kpop fan and we have shared kpop to our other friends and now 5 of us are kpop fans. I am really glad that i can be able to share my stories to them about Krystal and F(x).

I was also happy that Krystal got a lot of acting activities like her role in The High Kick 3 in 2011-2012 with Lee Jong Suk, in The Heirs with actors Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in 2013, and got her lead role for My Lovely Girl alongside, Rain in 2015. And she’s not just active in South Korea but also in China, she got the female lead role in the chinese movie, Unexpected Love with Lay of EXO. The movie is set to be premier in 2017. She’s also done filming the chinese drama, Graduation Season with the chinese actor, Deng Lun that is set to be shown in late 2016.

Krystal is really talented I have been a fan for almost 6 years and i really missed the 5 member F(x) but i am still happy that KLAV are staying strong together and i also love their music, their transformation from La Chata, Chocolate Love, Pinocchio, Electric Shock, Rum Pum Pum Pum, to Red light and to their latest song 4 walls. They’ve become more mature as an artists and also as a person and i will never leave the fandom especially Krystal who is my first ever bias in the Kpop industry. I am a proud MeU and I will forever treasure Krystal.

By the way, when the dating rumors came out I was really happy, coz I am a Kai bias in EXO and before the rumors of the two of them dating I have been shipping them together, KaiStal is super love. And i am happy for the both of them because I feel like im in a dream, two of you bias are dating, wow! Feels great and that’s cool huh! Hahahah! Well again, Happy Birthday to My SooJung-ah. Hope to see you in the future.


Why Love Is A Big Deal?

I’m always thinking, why does teenagers are so fascinated about having relationships at a young age. I don’t know I just don’t get it, yes it so good to be in love but to the point of hurting yourself or not paying attention to your future just because your focusing too much on love? I just don’t get it. Diba? Ang Love inaantay hindi hinahabol. Kapag hindi naman na tama wag nang magpumilit. Minsan kasi nakakasakit na ng iba tas go parin kasi gusto mo? Ano yun, kapag nasaktan naman ngangawa ngawa na parang di sinabihan. Minsan masyadong fixated yung mindset ng mga kabataan sa idea ng love. Which is having relationship at a young is not bad but the mere fact that you tend to lose yourself because of love is not acceptable at all. When you love others, you should love yourself first. Be complete as a person and don’t let anyone come into your life and complete you coz it will definitely won’t work at all. Don’t depend your happiness to someone coz when the time comes that you both realize the two of you are not meant for each other, that’s where problems comes out.

Sem Break!

Sem Break na! Sa wakas sem break na at na-update ko na ang aking blog. Sa ngayon ay nagiisip parin ako ng mga pwede kong i-post at gawin sa aking mumunting blog na ito. Minsan nga nahihiya akong maglagay sa bio ko ng blog ko kasi baka tignan ng mga friends ko tong blog ko tas makita yung mga kung ano anong pinaggagawa ko. Hahaah! But im just so happy that its already our sembreak coz I think i really need a break right now, who doesn’t need one, right? ahahahah!

Word Of The Day

SO, every time I post in this section of the Word Of The Day category I will choose a specific word I like or that is very famous at that time or maybe an important word for me and  I will say things about that word. It’s not just English words but also other languages like Korean, Japanese and specially Filipino words because first of all I am a Filipino so I think it already given. Actually the main reason why I made this WOTD section is to actually promote Filipino words on my blog, and I always want others to know our language and how rich the culture we have. Others say that you represents the language that you speak so I would like to encourage people especially Filipino teens and kids and also everyone to know more about Filipino language.

Hopefully, you enjoy my WOTD posts. Thanks!


In my opinion, everyone of us is afraid of something. Heights, frogs, water or some of us are even afraid of dying. Each in every person has their own personal fear. Just like me, I have so many fears in life. I’m afraid of heights and cockroaches flying cockroaches to be exact but as I grow older I realized some fears that I have while i’m getting older. That is the fear of losing a friend, lately I’ve been thinking of things i don’t want to happen. And something cross my mind or maybe i should just say that someone crossed my mind. She was a friend of mine, it’s been years since we became friends but as the time goes by i felt that she is becoming a person i don’t recognize anymore. And that’s what scares me the most, that one day we will just become total strangers. I even cried last night because I remember her, she just suddenly popped out of my mind and realized i’m afraid to loose a friend like her. I don’t know if she’ll read this or see this post but, i am hoping that one day  i will have the courage to voice this out to her. I am not a good person but when i become a friend i am a true friend.

Any time soon.

I am currently in our school library, not doing anything, just browsing on the internet. I just suddenly felt the need to post something on my blog or maybe because of the fast internet connection.

Last Friday was a blast, we held our 1st Laurel Wreath Awards 2016 in Lyceum of the Philippines University- Cavite at the school auditorium. It was a big event for the AB Communication students, we prepared a lot for that event. I was really glad and happy that we were able to pull that off with a bang.

Everyone was actually excited for the event but right after the awards night we are back to reality that we have a lot of things to do just like the thesis, script breakdown, short film and the finals exam all happening within two weeks. I’m just really hoping that everything will be fine for all of us.

That this will eventually end, any time soon.