This is Got7. They are one of my bias group. They are a 7 member group that debuted last January 2013 from JYP Entertainment. Their debut song is titled A. It’s actually a cute song that i recommend for you to try. It’s been 2 years that i am adoring them and I really love them. The members are JB, the leader of the group. Junior, lead vocal. Mark, rapper and visual. Jackson, rapper. Youngjae, main vocal. Bambam, rapper and aegyo king of the group. And Yugyeom, the dancing machine of the group and giant maknae.

They also have songs entitled; Girls,Girls,Girls. Stop Stop it, Just right,  If you do, and the most recently released album is the Fly. Got7 has different kinds of genre in every song. They’re very versatile and the choreography of every song is super cool. From manly to cute to seductive to playful, Got7 is really a very talented group.

they also choreograph some of the dances in their song like in ‘If you do’, Yugyeom and junior did the choreography and for their ‘Fly’ album they composed almost every song in the said album.

My bias in the group are (actually I have four biases in the group. hahaha) Bambam, Yugyeom, Jackson and JB.

My super bias is Bambam because his really cute. The reason why i like him is that he is like a little kid that is always playful and cute. he also knows how make people laugh and his also good in variety shows. His from Thailand.

I also like Jackson. His like always joking around making fun of himself even though he doesn’t intend to. His also very good in broadcast in variety show. His now in a segment in ‘Weekly Idol’ a Korean variety show. His actually a Chinese, he’s from Hong Kong.

Yugyeom is the maknae but his the tallest member of the group. He is very innocent in a way and that’s what i like about him. His very passionate about dance and also have a sweet voice when he sings.His Korean.

JB is also a Korean, before he debuted as one of the members of Got7, Jb was first in a duo along side with Junior also now a Got7 member. He was the first member to be casted in a drama called, “Dream High 2”.

Junior is also a Korean. He has a very good voice and also has a talent for dance and acting. In 2016, Junior was casted in a drama called, ‘I Love Eundong.’ He’s the young lead character. He was praised for his acting in the drama and a lot of fans are anticipating for the next plans for acting career.

Mark, he is the visual of the group. He is a American-Taiwanese. His family is living in the US while he is now in Korea. He is very quiet and timid but also playful when he is with his members. He also wrote one of the song in the album,’Fly’.

Youngjae, he is the main vocal of the group. He is also a Korean. It’s only been  7 months trainee when he debuted, the shortest time to train out of all his group mates.

Today, I continue to love and support Got7. I am proud IGot7/Ahgasse. Fighting Got7! SARANGHAEYO~